OCA Autumn Sports Afternoon 2022 - The OCA

OCA Autumn Sports Afternoon 2022

We were delighted to see so many Old Cats back to play in our annual Old Cats rugby and lacrosse matches. This year it wasn’t just the recent leavers playing lacrosse, we fielded three Old Cats lacrosse teams spanning Classes of 2015-2022.

As always it was a wonderful afternoon seeing friends reunited and of course excellent match play with the School winning back the cup from the OCs in lacrosse and the President’s XV holding onto the cup in rugby. See photos and match reports below.

We’d love to see more Old Cats of all ages returning to join in the Old Cats Sports Day, so do get in touch if you would like to join in the fun next year.

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If anyone has photos from the afternoon that they would like to share in the photo gallery, please email them to: oldcats@caterhamschool.co.uk


School 9 v 6 OC Recent Leavers 

Old Caterhamians Recent Leavers v School match report

It was great to see familiar faces at the Old Cats match last Sunday, including leavers from 2022 to 2018. Though there was little warm up from both sides it was a highly competitive match with a few sibling match ups! It ended in a 9-6 win to the School, though the recent leavers had a strong comeback after a 3–0 lead to the School at quarter time.

There were multiple goal scorers from both sides with a few outstanding trick shots. It was a great game to be a part of and we can’t wait to be on the other side next year.

Thank you so much to the Old Cats committee and the sports staff for arranging such a memorable match.

By Imogen L & Ellie S (1st Team Captains)

Recent Leavers Team:
BACK: Megan Denton, Caitlyn Hocking, Ananya Saraf, Lara Paul, Abbie McDowell, Erica Templeton, Hattie Park
FRONT: Rosie Williamson, Vicky Miller, Amy Lauder, Georgie Young, Niamh Burke

School Team:
BACK: Jenny L, Isabelle Y, Molly S, Ellie S, Mina D, Sophia H
FRONT: Charlotte P, Imogen L, Izzy H, Megan S – Rose B and Esme G also played.


Presidents XV 48 v 26 OCRFC

Match report to come

BACK: Ben Day, Tom Clayton, Dylan Thomas, Ben Hanley, Jonny Latimer, Harry Wandless, Danny Okanome, James Mitchell, Ciaran Norman
FRONT: Bayley Mondesir, Tiarnan O’Roarke, James Hanson, Ollie Brame, Alex Fullalove, Ross Lever, Mikyle Woolford, Callum Buchan


‘Gold Cats’ – OCs from Classes of 2015-2020
Purples 13 v 12 Blacks

OCs v OCs Match Report

It was a joy to see so many old friends returning to Home Field last weekend.  We started the match with a quick warm up and catch up, for some of us it had been many years since we last saw each other.

The game began with a powerful draw between Katherine Trantor and Emily Thompson which saw the ball swiftly picked up by Lauren Hunt-Williams.  Both teams unfortunately played with one player less on the field and no goalie, consequently a lot of running and defence was required.  Nevertheless, both teams rose to the occasion showing fight and determination throughout the match.  On the Black team they had a solid wall of defence with Georgia Tuckett, Katie Starns and Ria Acharya guarding the goal exceptionally.  But with no goalies at either end of the pitch the midfielders quickly turned over any fouls.  Making it difficult for the defence to protect an open goal to the fast and furious Purple attack.

Altogether it was a terrific day in the sun.  Both teams fought fiercely and tirelessly, however in the end only one team could be victorious. This year the winner was determined in a nail biting final two minutes, which resulted in the Purples beating the Blacks with a close score line of 13-12.

By Mia Hebden (Class of 2019)

‘Gold Cats’ Teams:
BACK: Georgia Tuckett, Olivia Clarke, Alex Trantor, Sarah Lowe, Mia Hebden, Roberta Lack, Katie Starns, Lauren Hunt-Williams, Ria Acharya, Katherine Trantor
FRONT: Megan Denton, Pippa Lloyd, Mai Wallace, Paige Griffiths, Robyn Hunt-Williams, Emily Thompson