Overseas Friends

The OCA benefits from a global community of supporters. Whether in Hong Kong or Australia, in the US or Russia, there is vibrant group of OCs established for friendship and networking.

The OCA support annual gatherings in Hong Kong, mainland China and Russia and it is always a pleasure to catch up with OCs across the world.

Old Caterhamians and friends of Caterham School living in the United States are invited to join the American Friends of Caterham School Group on the Caterham Connected platform. Click here to join Caterham Connected. When you register please state your location in the USA and you will automatically become a member of the American Friends group where you can share news and photos with fellow members. For further information please email americanfriends@caterhamschool.co.uk

You can also find groups on Caterham Connected specific to Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Malaysia (click here for Caterham Connected Groups). A great place to connect with OCs in your area, direct message and share photos.

If you are based or headed overseas, whether for career or travel opportunities, and would like us to put you in touch with other OCs in your destination, please contact the Caterham Connected Officer, Darcy Brown: darcy.brown@caterhamschool.co.uk