Sport Profiles

Hear from some of our alumni about their memories of sport at Caterham, what is meant to them and how sport plays a part in their lives today.

Elise Butcher

OC 2010-2017

I really enjoyed playing sport at Caterham. I captained the lacrosse team in my seniors years at the school but was also part of the netball, rounders and swim teams during my time at school. I loved being able to play on teams with my friends and celebrate our successes together. I am also very grateful for the sporting staff and amazing facilities Caterham had - we were extremely lucky to have such supportive people coaching us every step of the way. Read more here.

Ross Powell

OC 2007-2015

I played Rugby up until Sixth Form for the age group sides. My main two loves were hockey and cricket in which I played in the Cricket 1XI from Third Form becoming the captain in Sixth Form, which was a great achievement and then hockey played with the best bunch of blokes from First Form all the way to Sixth Form, getting to the National Plate Final unfortunately to lose to our rivals (still haunts me to this day!). Read more here.

Cameron Swayne

OC 2011-2018

My first memory of school boy rugby at Caterham has to be walking past Home Field as an 11-year-old boy and seeing the First XV playing. I was absolutely mesmerised by it, and promised myself that I would do everything I could to ensure I had the honour of stepping on and playing on that pitch. Seven years of representing Caterham school rugby later and I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart it has been one of the best experiences of my life. The badge, the school and the people will always hold a very special place in my heart. Read more here.

Rosie Clarke

OC 2003-2010

My years at Caterham remain to this day some of my fondest memories. I found it to be such a dynamic environment, and I was able to be involved in so many areas of school life. I was a reluctantly talented runner as a schoolgirl, and as a teenager I found far more enjoyment from participating in team sports, music and CCF, so that is what I threw myself into. I was so lucky to have such amazing sports staff including the likes of Anne and Pat Lavery, Nat Lomas, Patto, Jacqui Leach and Helen Sandiford, many of whom I am still in contact with today. Caterham was supportive without being pushy, and I am so grateful for having had that environment in which to develop. Read more here.

Mai Wallace

OC 2004-2020

Sport at Caterham has definitely helped me become more confident in my abilities. When I joined the senior school I was very shy, but through the CAP programme and having great coaches, I was able to develop my skills and therefore become more confident. Another thing I can take away from playing sport at Caterham School is teamwork and leadership skills. Read more here.

Tyler Norwood

OC 2014-2019

Caterham School taught me many traits a lot of which were influenced through playing sport. However, Caterham offers more than just it’s sporting attributes. It’s creative arts centre is tremendous, every member off staff treats you with respect and is always willing to help. It’s family heritage and ability to make a large school feel like a family is incredible. It brought the best out off myself and I will always cherish the fond memories that were made whether they were on the rugby pitch or in the classroom. Read more here.

Harry McInley

OC 2004-2011

Harry came to Caterham as a cricketer with huge potential having played as a youngster at Reigate Priory CC and as a solid all-round ball player across all sports. A proud moment came in first form where Harry scored his first century, which marked his ambitions to represent the School’s first team for multiple years. In his Fourth Year, at age 14, Harry got his chance and marked his debut year with a 50 vs Hurstpierpoint and some tidy bowling performances. This led to a solid feature within the side for the next two years until Harry succumbed to a knee injury, which prevented the opportunity to captain the First XI side. Harry was proud to represent the school’s 1st XI in Rugby, Hockey and Cricket. Read more here.

Caz Buckland

OC 2002-2009

I loved sport at school, and captained the netball team every year I was there (except the first year we went up to full senior team!). That meant a huge amount to me, and I was lucky enough to have a really talented team of girls to play with who loved it as much as I did. We had Miss Lomas and Helen Sandiford as our coaches, both of whom were fantastic and knew how determined we were as a group to win. I loved lacrosse and tennis too, and think back now to how lucky we were to have such good facilities for everything! Read more here.