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Your recollections and updates

Caterham School has changed and developed rapidly over the last few decades. We are always keen to hear from Old Cats with their recollections of school life and photos of the school, of friends, trips and activities from their time at Caterham. It’s also lovely to hear what you’ve been up to since your time at Caterham.


Caterham’s Historical Figures: William Wilberforce

By the Junior History Society Thursday 4th February 2021   William Wilberforce was a philanthropist, politician and activist, a person who would lay foundations for further human rights. His influence…

Caterham’s Historical Figures: Reverend John Townsend

By the Junior History Society Friday 22nd January 2021   Caterham was founded in the year 1811 in a five-bedroom townhouse at West Square in Newington, South London by the…

Remembrance Day Memories

If you would like to share your memories on this page, please just email What does Remembrance Day mean to the Caterham School community…   “For me, remembrance is…


By William Broadhead (OC 1953–1960) In the 1950s, the Old Caterhamians RFC played next to St Mary’s Church on the Dene Field where there was a small shed with a…

The 17th Man

By Peter Osborn (OC 1947–1953) In 1965, the Old Cats Rugby Club joined together with the Whiteoaks Cricket Club (which had many OC players) as they, like us, had no…


In June 1987, it was my husband’s (Robert C. Hallam’s) 50th birthday and prior to the event I had been racking my brain as to what special gift I could…


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