Ross Powell (OC 2007-2015)

How has sport helped you post Caterham?

Sport is my main hobby outside of work so it allows me to relax on my days off and have a great social life alongside it. It has also allowed me to travel to some great places having played cricket out in Australia for a season.


What is your favourite memory of sport at school?

My favourite memory was getting to the national hockey finals at U14 and then to the national plate final in our final year at school, playing on the Olympic hockey pitch. Staying with the same team all the way through school allowed us to become really close and have a lot of fun whilst working very hard to achieve our goals.


What would be the achievement you are most proud of while at school?

The longevity of playing in every A team in all three sports up until Sixth Form. It was great to be able to compete against some of the best schools in the country. Also becoming 1st XI cricket captain for two years, it was a great privilege to be able to lead the team out each game.


Are you still in contact with any of your teammates?

Sadly, not massively. There are a couple I see on occasion, but after school it is so difficult to keep in touch. But I am sure that if I met up with them it would be as if no time has passed at all.


How has your experience of sport at Caterham helped post school?

Playing sport is a massive part of my life and school enabled me to play as much sport as I could. Especially in hockey we trained almost everyday with the help of some great coaches, so it allowed me to increase my skill level and fitness level massively. It helped to me gain knowledge about the sports, enabling me to come back a few years later to coach hockey and cricket.


What advice would you give your schoolboy self?

You’re never going to have this much time on your hands to play sport again so enjoy it as much as you can. And enjoy playing a whole game of hockey without wanting to throw up!!