Boarders Class of 2019 Leaving Dinner

This year we say goodbye to 50 Upper Sixth Boarders, who recently celebrated their wonderful time living at Caterham School by sharing a sumptuous meal in the Wilberforce Hall  with the boarding staff who have so diligently looked after them day to day.  Mrs Quinton and Mr Mills (Heads of Boarding)  gave a moving tribute to each of the boarders after dinner which brought smiles, laughs and the odd tear of emotion. Pupil Heads of Boarding, Krystal and Jerry, gave a fitting vote of thanks on behalf of the U6th boarders.  These pupils leave with benefit of at least two or more years of boarding. They have developed a number of skills as boarders including: self-confidence, welcoming new people, tolerance, compliance, negotiating,  independence and teamwork.  Armed with these ‘soft-skills’ they will be very well placed to shine in life as they move on from living with their Caterham family. They will, however, always be part of the family and we look forward to welcoming them back for future visits and events.

Many thanks to the PA for their help in making the Wilberforce Hall beautiful for this event.

Click here to see photos of the evening.