Obituary: Richard Walker

(OC 1955-1962)

Died 24 December 2022, aged 79

Richard went to Keele University on leaving school; he liked the way that students there had to study an arts subject as well as a science. His main subject was physics. He met his wife Celia there. He taught at Brockenhurst College from 1971-84. He was then called to the ordained Church of England ministry. He trained at Wycliffe Hall in Oxford. He became a curate in Guildford and then moved on to Bradley in Wolverhampton where he was vicar from 1990 till 2005.

On retirement he and Celia went to Largs in Ayrshire, where they were able to enjoy birdwatching and canoeing. His health declined in the last few years and he died in a care home in Irvine on Christmas Eve 2022; Celia is. also in that home. They wrote 3 books on their travels, life in general, and their Christian faith: Walkers on Water, Walkers in the Light and Walkers on Wheels, and some account of his time at Caterham does appear, especially in the first. The memorial service at Bradley on February 5th at Bradley was very well attended and spoke of his great efforts and the esteem and love with which he was remembered there.

Written by his friend, OC John Lumsden