Obituary: Dr Simon Clifford Macquire

Dr Simon Clifford Macquire
OC 1949 to 1958

Born 24 November 1938, died 20 November 2020, aged 81

Simon was a year or two ahead of me for much of our school careers and I only developed a friendship with him when he was “3rd Year 6th” and I was Upper 6th. We both joined LADS, (Literary and Dramatic Society) and were keen on drama.

In the spring term, 1958, he and I were joined by several others: Geoff Coppock comes to mind: in a Sean O’Casey one act play taking place in a Doctor’s Surgery in 1920s Dublin. The play was presented a couple of times in The Memorial Hall and once in a Community Hall in Caterham on the Hill.

We both also took part in the Speech Day comedy, The Rape of the Locks, where our characters fed off each other when I did the accents and Simon, the facial gymnastics. The production went well, which was something of a surprise to me as one of a small group of leavers had left for Brighton in an old banger shortly after midnight, returning around four am!

We met again about fifteen months later, when I started at Glasgow University and Simon was just into his second year. After a couple of years, Simon and I joined two other students and shared a succession of apartments. Simon and his then girlfriend, Lily, met often socially with Pat, who I married in 1964, and myself. We left Glasgow in late 1964 and lost touch.

Simon, it seemed, made a name for himself in General Practice in East Kilbride and the Daily Record reported his passing warmly and in great detail.

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Written by friend, OC Peter Ward