Obituary: Derek Horsnell

Derek Horsnell
(OC 1947-1953)

Born 11 March 1936, died 1 January 2021

I have to report the passing away of Derek Horsnell OC on the first of January this year in a Nursing Home in Ramsgate, Kent. His wife Daphne had passed away a couple of years previously.

I had known Derek for nearly eighty years. We lived next door to one another from the age of six. I was best man at his Wedding and he was one of the Ushers at my Wedding. At one time his family had a very successful¬† ladies swimwear manufacturing company at Ramsgate, Kent which his father started. Derek’s sister Sylvia was the designer. They sold out some years ago.

Derek leaves a son Mark and a daughter Christine.

Informed by fellow OC Rodney Lyons