Obituary: David Miller

(OC 1953-1960)

Born 26 July 1941, died 7 February 2023, aged 81

It is with great sadness that I report the death of my dear friend, fellow Old Caterhamian David Miller.

When we first met in Prep School we formed a close affinity, together with Alex Harley (OC 1953-1959), which has lasted with the three of us for 70 years. David and I in Australia, and Alex in the UK.

A great lasting bond between us was that the three of us played in the School 1st XV rugby team. Add to that Midnight Feasts, and dares to retrieve glow worms off the lawn – both in Beech Hanger!! Plus, absconding en route from Sunday Church parades, crowding into the public toilet with a penny fee, waiting, and then roaming during the service!! Just a couple of the antics the three of us got up to!  — this all taught me later in life to instill into my two boys, “Work hard, Play hard”!!

I cut short my studies at Caterham in 1958, to start my Aussie life in Sydney. We kept in close contact, and David joined me in December 1961. David soon went bush, working as a jackaroo on a cattle station in country New South Wales. David just loved the bush, and the people that go with it. He met and married Margaret, who was the Childrens’ Governess on the station where he was working.

Being the cluey, innovative, conscientious, and energetic person that he was, David’s efforts saw him finally with his own three thousand acre superb farm. He became very well known for his Champion Black Angus Cattle breeding. I loved to visit him and catch big Rainbow Trout from his lake. Alex Harley and his wife Tina also came visiting. David was very ably supported by his wife Margaret, who was Headmistress of St. Patrick’s College boys boarding school in nearby Goulburn at the same time.

Such a gentle, highly intellectual, well read man with a good heart; highly intelligent and respectful of nature; a protector of the environment; a loving man who adored and supported his three children and seven grandchildren; a wry sense of humour, and great listener; modest about his achievements, and they were many; in particular, a deep knowledge of history; he held firm opinions, but mostly kept them to himself; quick to praise and laugh, and slow to criticise or judge. Happy with his life.

Both Alex and I are very proud to have called David Miller a life long friend, and feel privileged to have shared some of his life. Rest in peace old friend – see you up there sometime.

Written by his friend Peter Gabler (OC 1954 to 1958), Bowral, NSW, Australia.

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OC Peter Gabler with David Miller