Obituary: David Lynn Moseley

David Lynn Moseley
(OC 1947-1955)

Born 26 November 1937, died 11 February 2022, aged 84

David Lynn Moseley came up to Caterham in 1947, when he was 9 years old, to join his brother Hywel who was a year ahead of him. He excelled academically and his name was added to the Honoratus Board in 1955. He was also a very fine artist (one of his paintings, of the main school lodge, hangs in the entrance outside the Headmaster’s study – see below).  He was also a good actor and appeared in memorable  school productions such as Henry IV part one in which he played Falstaff, and Milton’s Samson Agonistes in which he played the important role of The Messenger.

He left school in 1955 to study Architecture at Liverpool University where he graduated with First Class Honours and later obtained a Doctorate. He left Liverpool to take up a post of lecturer in the Welsh School of Architecture in Cardiff, but at the same time he practised as an architect. He won a number of prizes and awards for his architectural work. He had two children by his wife Pat: Huw who died in an aircraft crash in Biggin Hill a few years ago ,and Olwen who is a professor at Cardiff Metropolitan University and Dean of the Cardiff School of Art and Design.

Lynn died on February 11th 2022 in Cardiff.

Written by his brother OC Elwyn Moseley

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