Obituary: David Burch

D.G.S. Burch
(OC 1958-1967)

Born 8 January 1949, died 25 June 2022, aged 73

David died suddenly at his home in Windsor on June 25, 2022, just two weeks after the death of his great Caterham School friend, Wade Armstrong. David (known as ‘Sid’) captained the rugby XV in his final year. He went onto study to be a vet at the Royal Veterinary College London. He worked in practice for 5 years and then moved into the pharmaceutical industry, where he specialised in pigs. In 2006 he was elected president of the Pig Veterinary Society and in 2016, David was recognised by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in the UK to be a Specialist in Pig Medicine.

He leaves his wife Sheelagh ‘nee Battye’ (Eothen ’67) and their daughter Jemma.

Written by his wife Sheelagh and friend OC David Boardman