OC Dr Luke Bashford Opens Up the World of Neuroscience at Wright Society Lecture

The Wright Society was delighted to welcome Dr Luke Bashford on Tuesday 5 March to talk about his research on Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs) and his career in neuroscience. His research has been transformative not only to neuroscience but also to the patients in the clinical trials such as giving a husband the ability to feel the sensation of his wife holding his hand again.

The lecture had a diverse audience comprising of pupils of all ages interested in vastly different branches of science from computer science to psychology, parents, Old Caterhamians and even other guests such as Dr Richard Wright – the patron of the Wright Society. Speaking to these people after the lecture, it seemed that everyone gained something from it, including the aspiring medics who were given the opportunity to see photos taken during the surgery done to implant these BCIs – apparently a relatively simple operation in the world of neurosurgery.

The Wright Society is Caterham School’s medic society which supports sixth formers in their application to Medical School. It is invaluable to aspiring medics as they are given opportunities such as this one which are almost impossible to find elsewhere. We would like to extend a huge thanks to Mr Quinton, who runs the society, Dr Luke Bashford for his incredible talk and Justin and Katie who are the current President and Vice President of the society.

Joel V (Lower Sixth Form).