Trip down memory lane

The history of Caterham School was brought to life as OCs from 1944 through to 1979 shared their school experiences with pupils at the OCA’s Over 60’s Summer Reunion.

A nostalgic lunch was served in the old Dining Hall, now known as the Wilberforce Hall, followed by tours of the School. It was wonderful to hear memories from Old Cats who attended Caterham School as far back as the forties, reminiscing about their time in boarding when visiting Mottrams and Beech Hanger, as well as lessons in Shirley Goss. Some of whom had not visited the School since they left and all were impressed with the new buildings and facilities.

Over afternoon tea, pupils heard stories about the OCs’ former teachers, lessons, pranks and daily life (especially in the boarding houses) and enjoyed looking at the memorabilia brought in. The event was a chance for the current pupils to provide the visitors with an insight into the changes and continuities of academic and co-curricular life at Caterham now.

Being back on the School grounds certainly evoked lots of memories for the OCs and provided a chance for current pupils to find out first-hand about the history and traditions of the School.

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