Speech Day 2022

Be stubbornly optimistic was the inspiring challenge laid down to Caterhamiams of all ages by stellar Speech Day guest of honour Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock. The space scientist and presenter of The Sky at Night revealed how her dreams of space, inspired by The Clangers, became a reality through her determination not to be held back by multiple changes of school and taking every opportunity that she could. Dr Aderin-Pocock confirmed that she sees her diagnosis of dyslexia as a superpower, enabling her to see and think about things in a different way to others. The assembled audience was treated to a whistle stop tour of telescope development, including the VLT (very large telescope!) and the ELT (extremely large telescopes) being built and allowing a more detailed examination of space.

The three pupil Heads of School gave a warm but humorous insight into their careers at Caterham School with tributes paid to the entire departing Upper Sixth Form. In addition to the raft of prize winners, the achievements of the whole school community were celebrated with particular mention by the Headmaster of the support for each other during the pandemic, for the school’s first Giving Day raising funds for Transformational Bursaries and for the support of Ukrainian families who have joined the school since the start of the war earlier this year.

Speech Day is a long-standing tradition of Caterham School and it was wonderful to see the impossibly large marquee full once again. As the ceremony closed and families spilled out onto the margins of Home Field for drinks, the OCA versus the 1st XI begun their cricket match, giving parents, OCs and pupils the perfect excuse to enjoy a summer’s afternoon basking in the sun and the glow of a successful school year completed.

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