OC Fundraiser for OCA Day

This Sunday 8 November (as it’s an OC’s day) a large group of OCs are going to try and run, walk, swim or cycle the cumulative distance around Ireland (around 900miles) to try and raise some more money for Andrew Patterson.

Obviously in a lockdown this can’t be done together physically, so OCs are doing this remotely all around the world. Some are going to take on a huge cycle or a 10k run. A few boys in Sydney are showing off and going to swim in the sea. For those that only want to walk to Waitrose and back, that’s also amazing. All distances will count towards the total. To do so, everybody who takes part needs to join the following Strava group and upload their activity to Strava in order for the miles to count.

Click here to join the Strava group

Any further donations to the go fund me page are hugely welcome. The OCA are donating £5 per Old Cat that takes part in the effort on Sunday, up to £1000. We know that OC’s have already been incredibly generous to the cause but if you’re able to, we request that once you’ve done your exercise you donate £5/£10 to the cause in order to try and double the OCA donation.

Click here to donate via the Go Fund Me page

Huge thanks!