Mai Wallace (OC 2004-2020)

How has sport helped you post Caterham?

Being involved in sport (especially team sports) has always played a massive role in helping me develop friendships, as you are constantly around other people with a shared interest. Especially over this past year, sport has had a big impact.


What achievement would you be most proud of at school?

I actually have two achievements that I am most proud of. The first is becoming captain of the first team Lacrosse. I always wanted to be in the first team when I was younger, but becoming captain was something I never expected, so I am definitely very proud about it. The second would be coming third in the challenge cup. This is a tournament between the top 8 teams from Nationals the previous year, so I was very proud of our team coming third.


Are you still in contact with any of your teammates?

I am still in contact with quite a few of my teammates. I think the best part of playing in a team is that you get to know players from other years, allowing us to stay in contact with the team. It also makes the Old Cats matches much more entertaining.


What advice would you give your school self?

Relax! I have always wanted everything I do to be as close to perfect as possible, and I think because of this I became very worked up over small mistakes. If I accepted that everyone makes mistakes to learn at an earlier age, I definitely would have helped me relax and enjoy playing sports even more.