Cameron Swayne (OC 2011-2018)

How has sport helped you post Caterham?

Sport at Caterham has taught me that life doesn’t always go your way.

Having been made the First XV captain in my final year at school, to being diagnosed with cancer shortly after leading the team and representing the badge in Australia, it was absolutely heart-breaking to not be able to carry on playing on Home Field for my last year.

This taught me to take life as it comes, enjoying every moment as it comes, and adapt to the hardships and overcome them.


What is your favourite memory of sport at school?

My favourite memory has to be coming out of that first team changing room just before a game. The badge on my chest, my friends by my side, storming out onto Home Field to put my body on the line for my friends and my school.


What would be the achievement you are most proud of while at school?

For me, my proudest achievement has to be beating cancer in my final A Level year, whilst also managing to get into my first choice university and being the only person in the year to achieve an A* in Business.


Are you still in contact with any of your team mates?

Yes! Rugby at Caterham created a brotherhood for me, I have made many lifelong friends that I keep in regular contact with, including Daniel Richards, who was not only my Rugby coach but my politics teacher and a very important reason as to why I persevered through my final year and managed the success I did. I am also working at Imperium Global in September with Kwesi Effina-Williams who is still a very good friend of mine.


What advice would you give your school boy self?

Nothing is the end of the world! One failed exam or one detention is not going to ruin your career prospects or not mean that you aren’t going to do well in life.

Make sure to have fun and that life is no fun if you always live thinking about what if. Enjoy being young and having little responsibilities and make some good memories with your friends that will lead to some excellent stories when you are older!


Cam warming up the team up for the Old Cats game