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The Old Caterhamians AssociationThe Old Caterhamians AssociationThe Old Caterhamians Association

Latest News: Please scroll down to see more forthcoming events

Moncrieff-Jones 50th Anniversary Celebration: Friday 22 September

Moncrieff-Jones 50th Anniversary Celebration: Friday 22 September

OCA London Networking Drinks: Thursday 5 October

OCA London Networking Drinks: Thursday 5 October

Bath Reunion: Thursday 12 October

Bath Reunion: Thursday 12 October

West Country Reunion Lunch: Friday 13 October

West Country Reunion Lunch: Friday 13 October

Hong Kong Drinks Reception: Friday 20 October


OC Day: Sunday 12 November

OC Day: Sunday 12 November

OCA Annual Dinner: Friday 16 March 2018

CA Annual Dinner: Friday 16 March 2018

OCA Golf Day: Thursday 22 June

OCA Golf Day: Thursday 22 June


OCA Annual Dinner – Friday 17 March, RAF Club, London (Tickets via Eventbrite - or by contacting Eloise Väisänen, Alumni Officer – eloise.vaisanen@caterhamschool.co.uk / tel: 01883 335091)

OCA Sports Afternoon – Sunday 19 March, Caterham School

OCA Boarders’ Reunion – Saturday 25 March, Finch’s, Finsbury Square, London (Register via Eventbrite)

OC Networking Drinks - Thursday 18 May, The Phoenix, Victoria, London (Register via Eventbrite)

Cambridge Reunion – Thursday 15 June (further details tbc)

OCA Golf Day – Thursday 22 June, Woldingham Golf Club (further details tbc)

OC Day “All the 7s” Reunion – Sunday 25 June, Caterham School

London Beach Rugby – Saturday 22 July (further details tbc)

OC Day: Sunday 13 November 2016

OC Day: Sunday 13 November 2016 OC Day: Sunday 13 November 2016 OC Day: Sunday 13 November 2016 OC Day: Sunday 13 November 2016

OC Day: Sunday 13 November 2016 OC Day: Sunday 13 November 2016 OC Day: Sunday 13 November 2016 OC Day: Sunday 13 November 2016

OC Day: Sunday 13 November 2016 OC Day: Sunday 13 November 2016 OC Day: Sunday 13 November 2016 OC Day: Sunday 13 November 2016

OC Day: Sunday 13 November 2016 OC Day: Sunday 13 November 2016 OC Day: Sunday 13 November 2016 OC Day: Sunday 13 November 2016

OC Day: Sunday 13 November 2016 OC Day: Sunday 13 November 2016 OC Day: Sunday 13 November 2016 OC Day: Sunday 13 November 2016

OC Day: Sunday 13 November 2016 OC Day: Sunday 13 November 2016


We are pleased to announce the following events coming up in the next few months and onwards:

Caterham Lecture - Friday 11 NOVEMBER

Our very own David Rogers is giving a lecture entitled "The Evolution of Caterham School over the Past 60 Years". Come along and listen to this fascinating and in-depth talk.

Class of 2009 & 2010 Drinks Reception - Saturday 12 NOVEMBER

Catch up with friends and familiar faces over pre-fireworks drinks. Held in the Wilberforce Hall, this relaxed reception is a chance to reunite with friends and favourite teachers before heading out to the Parents Association’s firework spectacular on Home Field.

PA Fireworks Night - Saturday 12 NOVEMBER

An impressive professional fireworks display set to music will be accompanied by pupil singers and bands, and warming food and drinks at the ever-popular Parents Association Fireworks Night. Tickets will be available from September via the Parents Association website www.caterhamparents.co.uk.

OCA Lunch / Remembrance Sunday - Sunday 13 NOVEMBER

Our annual morning Service of Remembrance will be held outside the front of School, and accompanies our annual lunch for all OCs. For tickets for the lunch please contact Eloise Väisänen, Alumni Officer, (eloise.vaisanen@caterhamschool.co.uk / 01883 335091).

OCA Networking Drinks – Thursday 17 NOVEMBER

The President of the OCA invites you to the next OCA Business Networking Drinks at Henry's Den in the basement of Finch's (12A Finsbury Square, London, EC2A 1AN) on Thursday 17 November from 6.30pm - 9.30pm. The venue for the fourth of our hugely popular business networking drinks, Henry's Den in Finch's is a welcoming, and informal space - the perfect place for relaxed networking with other Old Cats. Do get in touch with Eloise Väisänen (eloise.vaisanen@caterhamschool.co.uk / 01883 335 091), Alumni Officer, if you are able to attend, or have any questions.

OCA Annual Dinner - Friday 17 MARCH 2017

Held at the RAF Club (128 Piccadilly, London W1J 7PY) our annual dinner is always well-attended, so it is advised to book tickets early to avoid disappointment. For tickets please contact Eloise Väisänen, Alumni Officer, (eloise.vaisanen@caterhamschool.co.uk / 01883 335091).

Hill Fields Pavilion Opening – Autumn 2017

Our brand new Pavilion on the Hill Fields will be revealed to all Caterhamians ahead of the Autumn sporting season in 2017. This will allow better viewing of sporting activates and much improved facilities for both spectators and players.

Graduation Lunch for the Classes of 2011 and 2012: Saturday 10 September

Graduation Lunch for the Classes of 2011 and 2012: Saturday 10 September

OCA Summer Networking Drinks: Thursday 30 June

OCA Summer Networking Drinks: Thursday 30 June

OCA AGM Agenda

OCA AGM Agenda - download

OCA Golf Day

OCA Golf Day

OC Sports Afternoon: SUNDAY 13 MARCH

Sports Afternoon

OCA Annual Dinner

OCA Annual Dinner

OCA Covent Garden Networking Drinks

OCA Covent Garden Networking Drinks

On Thursday, 3. March 2016 we will be holding the second London Networking Drinks at Tuttons Vaults, Tuttons, Covent Garden, from 6:30pm-9:30pm. Tickets, and further information, can be found on Eventbrite https://goo.gl/8TtFyI

Our Town Productions at Caterham School

Our Town 2015

OUR TOWN 2015 : December 2., 3. & 4.
Presented in the Rudd Hall.

This week, 38 performers from Third Year to Upper Sixth invited an impressed audience into the fictional world of Grover’s Corners – a fictional small American town. The standard of acting and ensemble work was superb, with carefully considered, energetic and professional performances throughout. Will Ward’s (L6U2) outstanding portrayal of the stage manager, created a strong connection between the actors and the audience. He was ably supported by Mia Kelly (4U, Assistant Stage manager) who brought a lovely energy and warmth to her role. Doc Gibbs (Mark Strong, U6N1) begins the action as he arrives home on a May morning 1901. Josie Branson’s (L6A2) portrayal of the caring but conservative Mrs Gibbs complemented the approachable, considerate doctor beautifully to create a convincing and touching relationship. Editor Webb (Ryan Ma, 5N) and Mrs Webb (Charlotte Bridson, 5H) echoed this warm relationship, with equally superb performances. Charlotte’s monologue in the wedding scene was a particularly moving moment and beautifully performed. Zoe Kirk (3R) and Sophie Edmunds (L6U2) shared the role of Emily, both bringing their individual interpretations to this complex role and achieving an outstanding level of performance. The audience follow Emily and George’s (Tom Mason, 4H) moving relationship to the final scene of the play when Emily reflects on the world she has left behind - Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it? – every, every minute? Amidst the daily routines and choir practices, led by the drunken Simon Stimson, (Seb Kensey, 4N) the audience are invited to reflect on their own lives, the things that each of us hold eternal and to consider the universal truths about what it means to be human. The production was professionally supported by a student-led team of 15 technical and backstage crew, who ensure the production runs smoothly and that the audience is further drawn into the world of the play through carefully researched props, atmospheric lighting and sound.

OUR TOWN 1984 : March 12., 13. & 14.
Presented at the Miller Centre.

The highlights of the term were undoubtedly the Centenary events involving boys in the Preparatory School; the BBC Radio 4 broadcast live from the Memorial Hall on February 26th, in which Christopher Chambers read one of the lessons; the Preparatory School play 'Our Town' by Thornton Wilder, performed in the Miller Centre as part of the School's Centenary Drama Week on the 12th, 13th and 16th March, and the Music Society Choral Concert on 25th March at Cheam United Reformed Church. "So all that was going on and we never noticed." While this might well be the reaction of an Old Caterhamian thumbing through some of the pages of his Centenary Book, these words are in fact to be found in the last act of Thornton Wilder's play "Our Town" — a particularly happy choice of Centenary production by the Preparatory School for performance in our own town's Miller Centre Theatre. The outside cover of the programme neatly contrived in its design to integrate school, town, centenary and drama production; within was to be found an impressive cast list of twenty-two Preparatory School boys. "Our Town" chronicles life in Grover's Corners, a northern New York province, early in the present century.

The picture is built up in episodes recording contemporaneous events, past recollections, and even a glimpse of the after-life. It was a credit to this performance that one did not sense any discontinuity in the dramatic flow as the setting changed. The minimum of scenery and property requirements made the play eminently suitable to take out of school to a stage where available rehearsal time was limited, and even included a "walk-around" on a hill constructed for the previous week's production at the theatre! The play's success depended very largely, therefore, on the characterisation each actor brought to his part, and it was in this respect that the Preparatory School production was entirely satisfying. Not every member of any community can expect an equal share of the limelight, but everyone's individual contribution matters, and I came away from this production with the feeling that I had witnessed some real theatrical team work as Grover's Corners was brought to life.

Congratulations must go to cast, producers (this was the twenty-first main production by Messrs. Clowes and Johnston) and all others behind the scenes. (It should not go unnoted, too, that this was Mr. Robinson Fuller's twenty-first season running Business and Front of House). Perhaps three individual performances deserve special mention: Adrian Cox was an assured and persuasive Stage Manager as he encouraged his audience to share in the experience of life in Grover's Corners; Jonathan Hodges played the "growing-up" role of George Gibbs with considerable perception and an occasional twinkle in the eye; and Chris Chambers' portrayal of Emily Webb displayed a remarkable degree of understanding and sensibility for a boy acting a female role. There were many other small effects that pleased: the offstage clink of milk bottles so well coordinated (certainly at the performance I saw!) with the on-stage milkman's delivery; Emily's superb wedding dress-; the imaginative use of lighting to create the surroundings of the church. . . I could go on, but I am sure I have written enough to leave the reader in no doubt of the healthy state of Preparatory School Drama in 1984. J. W. Jones

1984 Cast & Crew
Stage Director Rhett Leveridge
Sound Vernon Culver
Front of House Percy Dennis
Lighting Johnny Morris
Production Co-ordinator Bill Broadhead Lighting Design /. Simpson, O.C.
Costumes Mrs. K. M. Mullins, Mrs. A. Milliams
Make-up Mrs. ]. Blackhall, Mrs. ]. Drake, Mrs. M. Newman
Programme cover N. F. Moores
Business Manager and Front of House /. H. Robinson-Fuller
Produced by A. E. Clowes and N. R. E. Johnston The Stage Manager Adrian Cox
Emily Webb Chris Chambers
Editor Webb Tim Moyler
Mrs. Webb Daniel Harold
Wally Webb Philip Baldwin
George Gibbs Jonathan Hodges
Dr. Gibbs Ian Tandy
Mrs. Gibbs Edward Palmer
Rebecca Gibbs Ian Morgan
Mrs. Soames Paul Durban
Joe Crowell Ben Pear-man
Howie Newsome Richard Payne
Professor Willard Robert Wilson
Simon Stimson Matthew Skelcey
Constable Warren Simon Lefevre
Si Crowell Walter Plinge
Joe Stoddart Paul Johnson
Sam Craig Peter Chambers
Farmer McCarty Chris Smith
Other Citizens Simon Lloyd, Andrew Davison, Jeremey, Simpson, Michael Davis

OUR TOWN 1975 : March 21. & 22.
Presented in the Memorial Hall.

"It's a brilliant audience tonight," I overheard a member of the cast comment during the first interval. Perhaps the choice of epithet was not quite right, but certainly a most appreciative audience attended the Saturday performance of the Preparatory School Play, in which the humdrum life of 'Our Town1 was made a dynamic experience for cast and audience alike. The play, written by Thornton Wilder in 1938, has simple scenery requirements: two trellises, two tables and some chairs; the rest is left to the imagination of actors and audience.

A few lines from Act One conveniently summarise the essential content of the play: "So — this is the way we were in the provinces north of New York at the beginning of the twentieth century — This is the way we were: in our growing up and in our marriage and in our living and in our dying." And words from the Third Act illustrate the author's treatment of his theme: "1 didn't realise. So all that was going on and we never noticed." We were guided through the history and life of Grover's Corners by Tim Rose acting the part of the Stage Manager; his was a relaxed and accomplished performance, setting up a close rapport with the audience, which ensured the play's continuity and success. His younger brother, Chris, captured perfectly the engaging precocity of Emily Webb; in the complementary role of George Gibbs, Michael Miller was well cast, and the two coped particularly well in the difficult scene when they hesitatingly exchange their feelings for one another. Steven Pinner (Editor Webb) and Mark Easton (Dr. Gibbs) discharged their paternal roles with assurance, and Stephen Tattersall and Mark Shaw convincingly portrayed two very ordinary housewives (Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Gibbs) in a very ordinary town. Without the embarrassing interjections of Mrs. Soames (Vidal Brownlee), the professorial wanderings of Professor Willard (Peter Saunders), and numerous others in minor roles, the life of 'Our Town' would have lost much. Congratulations must be extended to all cast members for a fine team effort, supported admirably in preparation and performance by Mrs. Churchill and Mrs. Milliams (costumes), Mr. Milliams (set), Giles Dickens and Gareth Cripps (lighting), and Mr. Robinson-fuller and helpers (front of house). Finally, tribute as always to Messrs. Clowes and Johnston for another splendid production.

OUR TOWN 1967 : March 17. & 18.
Presented in the Memorial Hall.

Our appreciation for this must go largely to Mr. A. E. Clowes and Mr. N. R. E. Johnston who produced the play.

The producers and cast are very much indebted to the many people who so willingly helped to make the show a success. May we thank Mr. Leathern, Mr. Churchill, Mr. Wakefield and Mr. Wookey for their help on the Admin, side; Miss Burgess for costume maintenance; Miss Martin for her duplicating; all those who worked so splendidly on the catering; Mr. Patten of F. H. Hellyar Ltd. for his very generous loan of much lighting equipment; Mr. W. A. Darlington of "The Daily Telegraph" who unknowingly inspired us to choose "Our Town"; Brian Lewy for his help with the make-up; David Clapham, Andrew Goram and Keith Weetman who were responsible for the set and lighting; and especially Mr. Robinson-Fuller who put so much time and effort into all that took place in front of the curtain. The producers wish, above all, to thank the cast for being so patient, reliable and cheerful throughout the nine weeks' daily or twice daily rehearsals. They really were a continuous pleasure to work with.

C. and J.

A message from Eloise Penman, new Alumni Officer

A message from Eloise Penman, new Alumni Officer I am delighted to be joining the friendly team at Caterham School as the new Alumni Officer.

My school days were instrumental in directing my academic and professional ambitions, and opening my mind to options I would never have formerly considered for my future. After finishing school I read Russian at University College London, and went on to study at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland for my Master’s in Intercultural Communication. It is with great enthusiasm that I take on this role helping to foster a strong, mutually beneficial relationship between former pupils and Caterham School.

I am very much looking forward to meeting with many members of Caterham School alumni, and am already much heartened by the warm welcome I have received at the school.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at: eloise.penman@caterhamschool.co.uk

New Headmaster for Caterham School

New Headmaster for Caterham School It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome Mr Ceri Jones, MA (Cantab), MEd as the new Headmaster of Caterham School. Ceri replaces Mr Julian Thomas.

Ceri read History at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, where he specialised in Early Modern religion and literature. Ceri later studied for his Master’s in Education at Buckingham University, and was recently awarded a Distinction.

In addition to being a Governor of both state primary and prep schools, Ceri is currently a Governor at The London Academy of Excellence in Newham, east London, as well as a Director of the Accelerate and Access Foundation – an educational charity working to improve access and social mobility issues.

Ceri has worked with The Sutton Trust, Cambridge University, and a collaboration of independent schools and state academies in Kent to develop an access programme to top ranking universities for bright students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Ceri played football for Cambridge University, and rugby for the Old Caterhamians.

Caterham School: Argentina Rugby Tour 2015 By Dan Richards, Head of Rugby

Argentina Rugby Tour 2015 On July 26, 34 boys and 5 staff members from Caterham School set off on a once in a lifetime trip to Argentina on a rugby tour. Full of excitement, the group undertook the 14-hour flight to Buenos Aires. On arrival, the group checked into their hotel and then went on a fantastic city tour, taking in the monumental Obelisk, amazing Pink Palace, and impressive Cathedral – to name just a few of the highlights. The group also visited the colourful and vibrant Caminitos district and got their first glimpse of La Bombonera (home to Boca Juniors), a superb stadium that the group would eventually visit towards the end of their time in the country.

This incredible first day set the tone for all of the activities on tour which proved to be full of fun and laughter, as well as providing incredible experiences for the boys. Days out included; Kayaking on the mighty Parana river, a live gaucho show showcasing world class horsemanship, a live Argentinean dance show (including the world famous tango), a tour of La Bomobonera and visit to the national football museum, a boat trip in Tigres, and a tour of Rosario taking in the Monument of the Flag.

As well as all of these terrific experiences the boys played five games of rugby. We had been told to expect good hosting but everyone was blown away by the warm and friendly receptions that we received in every venue. It was heart-warming to see boys and coaches mixing together after games, overcoming language barriers, and showing that rugby and its community values are truly special.

Argentina Rugby Tour 2015

On the pitch the quality of rugby was high, demanding a lot of the Caterham boys both in terms of physicality and skill level. Every single one of the touring party conducted themselves well and developed as players. It was especially pleasing that the 1st XV went through the tour unbeaten having played some top quality sides and that the Tour XV won the final game so that the whole squad finished with a winning record.

The boys were incredible ambassadors for Caterham School both on and off the pitch: a real testament to the well-rounded individuals of whom the School is so proud of producing. They also proved to have impressive appetites with each boy consuming at least their own body weight in steak throughout the trip!

We are hugely grateful to the Old Caterhamian’s Association for their extremely generous donation which allowed the boys to have such a fantastic experience in South America.

We now look forward to the season with this special group of boys, and will begin planning for our next tour, hopefully in the Summer of 2017.

Old Cats Visiting the School

The doors to Caterham School are always open wide to Old Cats and we will welcome you back when you return.
We would kindly ask that you make an appointment before you visit so that the Secretary can accompany you round the campus.

Where Are They Now?

Sadly, we have lost contact with may OCs over the years and would very much like to find them again and welcome them back into the OCA community. If you know where they are or know how we can contact them, please let us know!
Please click here for the list:

Old Caterhamians' Scratch Golf Team

Calling all golfers - a message from Jem Blok.

The OCA continues to enter a scratch golf team into the Grafton Morrish Golf Competition on a yearly basis and the good news is that the Association has agreed to cover the registration, entry and green fees, leaving team players only with sundry expenses to meet themselves. We need to find six former pupils who would be competitive - in reality that means handicaps of 5 or below, but we'd still be pleased to hear from anyone in single figures to make sure we can at least take part! I look forward to hearing from as many of you as possible. Please do all to pass this request on to any other Old Cats that may fit the bill!

For more information please contact Jem Blok at: jemblok@cavanagh.co.uk


The Old Caterhamians’ Association Group is now live on  Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Access can be made through this website.

The Wilberforce Hall

The Wilberforce Hall is now available to hire for private parties. For more information please contact Eloise.


We are always hoping to expand our database and attract new members.

Membership costs £12 per annum or £180 for life membership.

If you would like to join up or if you know someone who would, please contact Alina and she will send you an application form and joiners pack.

Please click on the icons below for a joiners leaflet and an application form :



The Christine Walker Gallery

If you would be interested in taking part in one of our exhibitions please do get in contact with the administrator:

The Gallery
Caterham School
Harestone Valley Road


Get fit at the Stephen Smith Sports Centre

Old Caterhamians' are entitled to use the excellent facilities at the Sports Centre at a reduced cost.

Please download a brochure here

Calling all Teachers and Gap Graduates

Are you interested in contributing to some of the many activities taking place at Caterham School?

We would love to hear from OCs who are able to help with the CCF and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme or with any aspect of sports coaching.

Contact Mr. Matthew Godfrey at the school on 01883 343028 OR on matthew.godfrey@caterhamschool.co.uk

Also – if you are considering a career in teaching… then please get in touch. We always need ‘gap graduates’ to assist with sports coaching, drama, art and music – highly competitive salaries available with great perks!! This applies as much to recent university leavers as to more ‘mature’ OCs who may feel like a career break!!

Please do let us know if you are interested in any of the above.


We are always looking for news and more importantly, photographs of old boys and girls to include in our Newsletters. Please send us details of your news, stories and achievements! Include a photograph if at all possible.

Amazon Shopping to benefit Caterham School

If you wish to buy something from Amazon, please use the link on the School web site. http://www.caterhamschool.co.uk/links/

The school will receive 5% commission for each purchase you make. This income will be directed to school projects and/or trips. As there is no cost to you, it is a very easy way of raising funds for the school.


Maintaining Contact

Please continue to send us details of your new addresses, email addresses and contact information. We are constantly updating our members database and it is vital that we have up to date contact details.

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